Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chair(wo)man Ma!

“Chairman Ma” is what my irreverent older son called me when he heard of our recent elections. I warned him about my little red book and said that anyway, as a language teacher and an unreconstructed feminist I am Chairwoman – let`s get the gender right! – but let`s not take ourselves too seriously either!

What is serious and worthy of congratulation, is that you, the members at the A.G.M., have brought us back from the brink and elected excellent office-bearers in Pauline, Frances, Moya and Monica to take the Quilters` Guild of Ireland into the future: ideas are buzzing about; plans for next year`s Retreat are well in train; Frances is posting a flow of information on the website – see the items below – and Monica is managing the new subscription arrangements.
My thanks too to the outgoing Committee members for serving the QGI so well for so long, and especially for coping with last minute rearrangements occasioned by the illness of two of our tutors at the recent Retreat. We hope that Alicia is well recovered by now and that we will see her over here sometime in the future, and thank Marsha for soldiering on when she was still feeling quite wobbly. Remember their websites: and .

Today (Saturday 23rd March) I should be at a Sewing Saturday with the QGI Northern Lights group at Ballydougan, near Gilford, Co. Down, but we have about 6 inches of snow so I am going nowhere! Round Ballydougan it is clear, however, and I am wondering how many people turned up to sew. We are quite a busy little group – our programme is on the website here. In April we have Gaye Grant of the Fennel Shed coming to take a workshop for us.
If there are other QGI groups out there, please get in touch. If we can publish your whereabouts there may be 'lone quilters' who would like to join you. And if you are ever up north when we are meeting at Ballydougan you would be very welcome to call in. There is a map of sorts on our programme. Contact the QGI at or me at .

I know that not everyone is over-enamoured of the internet, but, for the moment anyway, it is our best way of keeping in touch, so please keep looking in, join the blog and add comments if you like, send us news and photos of what you are doing. The stout-hearted may even venture into the Facebook page!
I hope you have no snow where you are. Keep warm and happy sewing,


Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Membership Arrangements

Please see the Membership Form Page for details of how the new common renewal date for membership will be implemented.

All memberships will expire September 30, 2013 and will be up for renewal on October 1, 2013 and each subsequent year.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

March 2013 AGM

The 2013 AGM of the QGI was held on the Friday evening of the conference. Thanks to the retiring members of the committee for all their hard work in the last (many!) years: Laura Cahill, Robyn Fahy, Patricia Frawley, Tracey Pereira & Ann Sheehan.

Motion: The Quilters Guild of Ireland re-invents itself to host the Annual Conference, provide insurance for our members, do one mail shot (Conference Details) and website.

a) Webmaster to be a paid position

b) Committee to comprise of secretary, treasurer, conference co-ordinator and membership secretary

c) Annual membership renewal should be due for all members on the 30th of September and not from date of payment. Membership and insurance cover will lapse on October 1 for all members.

This motion was passed, with only four abstentions. As a result, the gazette will no longer be produced. Information will be communicated through an annual mailshot with conference details and through the website.

Three members volunteered to serve on the next committee. In a later meeting the positions of the new committee were decided. Please welcome:
Jane Winters: Chairwoman

Monica Bodmer: Membership Secretary
Pauline Openneer: Treasurer and Craft Council rep.
Moya Geraghty: Education & Conference Organiser
Frances McCarthy: Secretary, PRO, Website

We are looking forward to working together in the next year to organise visiting tutors and the Annual Conference.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Blended Quilts with Marsha McCloskey

Held Friday March 8, 2013 at Bewley's Hotel, Dublin
Noted American author and quilter Marsha McCloskey led a workshop designed to challenge what we know about contrast. Drawing inspiration from the very pretty, floral pieced quilts of the early 1800s, this was a workshop about blurring and blending.  Simple piecing was very much enhanced by the use of chintzes, toiles and florals of all sizes and shapes.
Fabrics to be blended,
photo courtesy of Jane Winters
Fabrics were “combined” by using low contrast value, running motifs like tendrils or vines into a seam line or selecting similar colours from one background to another fabric’s main motif.
Photo courtesy of Jane Winters
The modern interpretations featured florals in a medallion setting with an Ohio Star Border. Participants initially found the ideas counter-intuitive but enjoyed “un-learning” contrast. The outer blocks and the central medallion were started first. This led to interesting design decisions as the quilts were completed. As of this writing, several tops are in bits on design walls!
A huge thank you to Marsha, who despite illness, managed, with calm professionalism, to offer this workshop!

About Marsha: The author of many quilt books, Marsha has been quilting for over forty years. Known for her feathered stars and precision piecing she is also a fabric designer. “The Best of Blended Quilts”  by Marsha McCloskey and Sharon Yenter was the text for this workshop.